Sunday, 15 August 2010


Guys, i've decided to scrap this blog, i'm just going to have one blog fr everything so it's not so confusing! It's the same as my beauty blog i just changed the url and name, so u might already be following!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Trial tent run!

Me and Lawrence are going away on the 24th of August, camping. So this morning, me and Lawrence decided to put it up for a trial run!

The dogs decided to come out and get some fresh air, too! It's such a gorgeous view from his house!

We have quite a big tent, one side will be for sleeping in..

and one side to keep all our clothes and things in..

The finished the tent!

Yayy! We didn't mean to colour code our clothes, lol! I just hope its not pouring down when we go! It was getting chilly outside so we went back in. I went read a few magazines and i got a visitor in my cardigan..

She wouldn't get out and i had to carry her around like it!

I felt like she was a baby in a sling! lol! Good practise though! ;) I'm super excited to go camping now, it cannot come quick enough! Eeee! 

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Thankful for the weekend...

I have had a horrendous week! Lots of stressing about my new job, money and horrific family issues that are so serious you wouldn't imagine! It's hit my parents like a bomb and my mum is pretty devastated! I'm pretty bad as well, a lot of tears and constant thoughts about it, means i haven't slept properly and look awful!

I haven't been working out either and i can feel a bit of wobble around my tummy area that i don't like! Obviously with said above issues, it's not really on my mind atm and i have more important things to think about. but i don't want it to get out of control! Once i have my new job, hopefully i'll be back into a routine and i can have structure with my workouts. I crave routines! I'm planning to buy a foldaway treadmill within a couple of months of starting. (Yes, it's a significant pay rise, nearly double my wages now!!)

This will help me! I want to start running but i'm too embarrassed to go the gym and do it by myself! But i know it's excellent cardio. Hopefully, one of these will fit in my bedroom (if you can have them upstairs?) so i can do a quick 20 minutes HIIT when i have the time! I also have a nice 10 minutes walk from my train station to work and back so that will be helpful!

I'm trying to think positive and look forward to all the new things to come. But overall, atm, my life is pretty much a thumbs down! :(

Thank god it's the weekend! I went out for lunch today with my mum which was lovely and i get to snuggle with Lawrence tonight! What would i do without him? He is my rock :)
Hope you all have a good weekend!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

New Blog!!

Hey everyone! This is Kerry from Kerrys Beauty Blog! I made this blog as more of a 'life' blog to do post about our life, pictures, holidays etc! I hope you enjoy it and follow me! :) I chose the name Pedicures & PCs because I'm a beauty therapist and Lawrence is a web designer! It may change after a while but for now i quite like it!
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